Annie and Gary - May 2017 Wedding - The Plough Inn, Eaton

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It's good to take on new challenges every so often. As a mama to a 5 month old who was still exclusively breastfeeding at the time of Annie and Gary's wedding, I faced a new challenge of being a solo photographer (Andy was at work!) while keeping my little one fed and happy! It was also the hottest day of the year so far. All hail The Grandparents! They played with bubba in the morning then headed over to the wedding venue (The Plough Inn, Eaton) and found  a shaded spot in the beer garden where I could join them during a pause after the ceremony to give her some milk.


It also gave me a chance to compose myself after Gary and Annie's  emotional and beautiful exchange of vows! I feel so privileged as a wedding photographer to witness moments of pure love, happiness and commitment during the day. 


The ceremony was such a delight, with Annie and Gary's talented musician friends playing and singing to them. They continued the fun outside where they dressed up in props that Annie had sourced.


The sunny day showed off Annie's fabulously sparkly dress a treat! It shimmered and twinkled and was a gorgeous pale blue colour. And Gary couldn't have looked prouder and happier with his beautiful bride. All in all it was a wonderful experience 😊

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