Final wedding of the year......and a new camera....


So this Saturday is our final booking of the year. It is our 4th wedding and as our aim is to do five a year I think it has gone well for our first 'proper' year! Each wedding has been a real privilege to be a part of - more about that to come in a later post.

I went to scope out the venue after work this week and my fingers are crossed for a dry day! The outside area is beautiful and I know we will get some beautiful shots. The room is also really nice so we will make the most of what we have!!

Last weekend gave me a chance to get to know my new camera. Despite all I said in a previous post I bit the bullet and got a Sony A7rii. I know I said the files were too big etc etc (and they are huge by the way) but man does it take a good picture and it's so small!! It works with all my Canon glass and has been a pleasure to use so far. Again, I'll say more in a future post.

So I'll be taking it this weekend but will it be my main camera? Not sure.