What's our style of photography?


This is a tough but very important question. What style of wedding photography do we do?

Theknot.com have an interesting article to read when trying to answer this question - http://www.theknot.com/content/amphtml/wedding-photography-styles

It sums up styles as:

Classic, Artistic, Lifestyle, Dramatic and Documentary.

We don't tend to do Classic pictures, although we will always do the posed pictures for the parents/grandparents/family etc. I have had some interesting conversations with other wedding photographers about how many 'classic' styled pictures they tend to take, or should I say, would like to take. The general consensus is less than 10!

Artistic is a style we really like but it doesn't come back naturally to us. Dramatic is similar in that we don't think like that and we try to stay with natural light so lots of off-camera flash isn't really our thing.

That leaves us with lifestyle and documentary. Our website says we shoot documentary style photographs and this is certainly true! Our real passion is to tell the story of the day. It's the reason we have one package which involves the whole day with two photographers. We want to tell the whole story and capture pictures as and when they happen. However, there are certainly times where we will pose a shot that would take us into the lifestyle, ahem, style.

So there you have it. Do people know the style of photography they want for their wedding? One day I would love it if we were known, and chosen, for our style. If you asked me to define that style I would simply say we are photographer that capture your day. And you know what? We love doing it.

Why the picture of our daughter you may ask? Well, why not?