Second shooting for a friend's business - what's expected?


I have a friend at work (in the full time job!) who set up a wedding photography business at a similar time to me and Gabby did. For us, we have the luxury of always having two photographers (unless it's in term time of course!) but my friend is on his own so he has asked me to second shoot on a couple of weddings for him.  I've been more than happy to do it for several reasons:

1. For him - we always know (or hope) that if I miss a shot there is a good chance that Gabbs has captured it from her angle and vice versa. So if Bill knows I'm there he can hopefully relax a little knowing that he is going to get several hundred extra pics to add to what he delivers. 

2. For the couple - Gabbs and I loved having two photographers at our wedding. It allowed us to see the whole story from start to finish on both sides which was brilliant.

3. For me - sounds a bit selfish right? Wedding photography is the same as everything though, practice practice practice. Just about every church has different light. Every reception room is a different size, colour and shape with interesting lighting at times! The better you know your camera the more confident you can be at quickly changing your setting to adjust for changing light. Hanging out with the groom and his entourage for the morning was a lot of fun (possibly a future blog post) and learning when and where possible shots will happen is all good stuff to learn more about!

4. For us, LLG - I asked the main photographer and the Bride and Groom if they would mind me adding the pictures I took to our portfolio. All three said this was fine and so I've done some batch editing in our style (what is our style?? That's a definite future blog post) without going into too much detail as I'm not delivering these to the couple. The bride has asked me to send her the link and password to my pictures but I won't send it to her unless the main photographer is happy with me doing so. At the end of the day it was his wedding and my pictures from the day are really his pictures to edit how he likes. I am really interested to see the different styles in editing the same pictures though!!

So what happens to the pictures I took? Well this has caused the only issue and it's not really an issue. As far as I am concerned I was there as the photographers employee that day so all the pics I took I have to him as raw files. He said it was fine for me to edit and add the pictures to our portfolio as well. I also asked the bride and groom if they would mind me adding the pictures to our website which they said was fine. So what's the problem? Well, the way Gabby and I edit pictures is different to how my friend does. Our 'style' is different to his. So given the raw files it is fairly easy to change how a picture looks completely in lightroom. Having seen my friends pictures of the day I know that the couple will be over the moon with them as they are great! However, if we edit the same pictures in different ways and the bride wanted my version then how does it work for an album? For me it's simple. I'd give him the edited picture and he can add it to their album.

We will see if anything like this happens again but I think it might change how I use the pictures after the wedding in the future.

Wow that's a long post.

Happy snapping.