Our take on documentary wedding photography

There are several different (and some very similar!) styles for wedding photography. The majority of photographers would claim to have a documentary style. This means that they literally document the day and give no direction. There will be no sections of the day driven by them and no group shots. The opposite extreme of this would be a classical wedding photographer who is all about the classic shots and setting them up throughout the day. They will probably take the couple away for a good amount of time to take those jaw-dropping shots you see on wedding blogs and in magazines. 

For us to figure out what our style is has proved difficult. It reminds me of when I was doing my counselling training and we were trained in one style of counselling only to figure out that to use these skills in my day job as a head of year in a school meant that I had to use an integrative style and take bits of different styles depending on the situation whilst building the whole thing around a person-centred approach. Wedding photography is similar to this because of the different styles and so we have created our own style - humotional photography. Quite simply, we take pictures of humans (and any other beings that happen to be a part of your wedding day!) being emotional - hence, humotional photography! Does it mean that the photos will always be perfect? No. But we will, of course, use our experience and understanding of a wedding to give you the best pictures of your day but moments of human emotion will always be more important than a perfect picture. In fact, it is usually the moment that makes it a perfect picture.

A wedding day is full of special moments full of human emotion. Here are some of our favourites things that happen on a wedding day.

The father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time. 

Proud dad
First look

The calming beer before hand.

Calm the nerves

The reassuring hand on the shoulder from the best man.

Reassuring hand

The tears in the eyes of the groom.


The fun of the preparations in the morning.

Lipstick kisses
Looking sharp

The young ones.


The old ones.

Lauren _ Ben-315.jpg
Hollie _ Richard Hi-Res-175.jpg
Hollie _ Richard Hi-Res-27.jpg

The young ones, again. Because seriously, kids at weddings are awesome!

Lauren _ Ben-19.jpg
Lauren _ Ben-344.jpg

The dancing.

Lauren _ Ben-561.jpg
Hollie _ Richard Hi-Res-529.jpg

The first chance to catch up after the service.

Lauren _ Ben-249.jpg

The quiet family time.


The hectic family time.

B_B Full-615.jpg

Moments of human emotion happen everywhere at a wedding and we will be there to capture them. Our day is documenting your day through these moments. Are we going to spend lots of time creating epic shots using flash and assistants? No. Why not you might ask. It's simple. On our own wedding day we loved the fact that we got some shots of us over about 20 minutes away from our friends and families. The day is a celebration of your marriage so why wouldn't you be there to celebrate it with all these people?!?! So yes we will probably steal you away for a short time but really this is to give you the chance to say hello to your new spouse! 

So it is hard to put a simple label on our style of photography but just know that we want those moments that will remain special for all time. 

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